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For the price of one in-home visit, you can secure 3 months of computer maintenance with one hour free technical support each month.

The Concept:
In today's internet-based world, it is easier to get a virus or have spyware sneak down to your computer than it is for you to find a McDonald's. We are experts at removing spyware, adware, and virus programs. However, once this is done, it is just a matter of time before another nasty little bug tries to sneak back on your computer.

By subscribing to our monthly maintenance program, we will install customized scripts that help keep your computer cleaned out and running smoothly. Along with this, you may contact us and schedule one hour of technical support each month. Additional hours of support after your initial hour are 1/2 off our normal hourly rate.

Just think about it:

Average technicnical support repair = 2 hours ($120 total)

You get your problem fixed, but that is it.
If you need additional support, you have to pay again.

Example Monthly Maintenance - 2 hours initial repair/support:

$120 normally
With the 3 month subscription, that would be
$90 (hr. 1)+ $30 (hr.2 - 1/2 price) = $120 total

Software that helps keep your computer spyware free and running smoothly
2 more hours of technical support!! (1 hour for month 2 & 1 hour for month 3)

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