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Spyware is one of the leading causes of computer hangs, failed startups, and generally driving you mad! There are some tools that do help in removing these programs, but generally it is a good idea to have a professional take a deep look at your system. Spyware has ways of hidding itself and looking like valid programs. This makes it hard for the average computer user to distinguish what is bad and what is good.

Spyware programs run on your computer and perform a task of some sort. An example task may be to hide and wait for your to type in a numeric sequence that matches a credit card sequence. If you type in the specific numeric sequence the spyware is waiting for, it could memorize what you just typed and email it to the location it was programmed to.

Basically spyware is a program that runs in a hidden or masked manner that monitors your activity and responds to your activity without you knowing it.

Adware programs are meant for advertising, but can be among the most annoying things to ever find their way to your computer. These programs can automatically pop up a web page advertisement every few minutes. They can take search criteria you enter in a search engine (like yahoo or google) and reroute yoru request so you get results from their personalized search engine, not yahoo or google. The results you see will be a listing of websites that pay people for sending others to their site.

Adware creators make money by having a pop-up ad show up on your computer or having you click to view a website you see listing in their customized search result page. Think about how many pop-ups you get each day.....let's say the adware owner gets 1 penny per multiply your experience times 1000 (other computer users). This does add up quickly. This is the reason people write adware programs.

We suggest that you do not use pop-up blockers
Why???? Well, if your computer is healthy (spyware, virus, and adware free) then you should not get constant pop-ups. Pop-ups are an indication that your computer needs help right now. If you let these continue for a long time, it is very possible that you will not be able to even start your computer eventually.

We can normally remove spyware, virus programs, and adware remotely. This saves you from having to pay a technician drive-time to your location. This also allows you to feel more secure because this is one less contractor you have to let in your house. Click here to learn a little about our remote solutions.

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